Thursday, August 27, 2009


Step back in time. To a place where women exude glamour and food is their queen.

You enter and hear the glasses a chinking. Soon there's wine in your hand. One sip and the warmth runs through your body. Greetings weekend, the party has begun...

First dish of the night is gnocchi, pan seared. Served with caramelised pumpkin for sweetness, gorgonzola for balance. Toasted walnuts for crunch. The combo it works, rich yet not overwhelming. Mmm, lovely you think as you await whats to come.

And wow it arrives, next one up is a winner. Cheek of beef with white beans and eggplant lushly roasted. Falls apart when you touch it, ooh just like it should.

Last dish up is some prawns mildly spiced with paprika. Served with parsley and wilted greens, feels like its doing you some good.

You have another drink and chat, catch up with your dining partner. Then head off into the night, Niagara Lane and beyond...
Bright Young Things - events and more. Check them out Friday nights at De Lacy, 29 Niagara Lane, Melbourne.
So after procrastinating for 2 years here it is people, welcome to my world...